Welcome to Eco Style

Your number one eco home ideas resource

Eco-style loves beautiful buildings that are customised for your needs, practical to build, feel good to be in and most importantly, help preserve our wonderful environment.

Buildings can also impact on people’s quality of life.  We want to showcase inspired “eco-friendly” buildings that directly improve health, emotional well-being and productivity.

Eco Friendly buildings are designed for flexibility and future adaptability, for multi-purpose use, saleability, gracious aging, minimal energy costs and happy long term living, working and playing and also long term valuations in adelaide

 Eco-style is an Australia wide resource so feel free to contact us for advice regarding pre-purchase site selection, renovations or build feasibility reports, concept design through to project management when building your next home.

Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is that design is about balance. We believe in balancing the ideals of “eco-friendly” design and your dreams and ideals with the realities of budget, site conditions and regulations.